Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthdays and Costumes

Mac has discovered a love of watching Chinese lion dancing videos on youtube and was adamant that he have a costume of his own to dance around in. So with a little help from a trader joe's bag, some straws and left over foil tape from my show, Mac was in heaven.
 Hamilton's more minimalist lion.

 Behold, this is what six hours of amateur cake decorating will get you. For Mac's second birthday he got a Thomas cake and so in true little brother style, Hamilton decided that he wanted one of Thomas's passenger cars for his cake.

 Not the best picture in the world but this is Hamilton after receiving his first sizable hair cut from Grammy Nicole. I am still morning the loss of his long curls.

 Hamilton's first trip to Sky High for his birthday. He jumped non stop for 30 minutes and loved every minute of it.
 And finally enjoying a nice birthday cup cake on the ride home.


mooshercat said...

Love those nutty boys! Where do they get it from? ;-)